Public Transport

Line 12

Bus 12 drives between 06:10 and 21:00 on Mondays to Fridays. In just 18 minutes you can commute between the Uithof and Utrecht Central Station. Between 6:50 and 17:35 there is a new bus arriving every 4,5 minutes and every other time it drives every 10 minutes. Bus 12 drives the following route from Utrecht Central Station towards Johanna:

  1. Utrecht CS Jaarbeurszijde
  2. Sterrenwijk
  3. Rubenslaan
  4. Stadion Galgenwaard
  5. De Kromme Rijn
  6. Padualaan
  7. Heidelberglaan

At Heidelberglaan you get off and will need to walk the last part to Johanna. Go to 9292 to take this route.

Line 28

If you prefer to travel through the centre of Utrecht, you can take line 28.  If you want to go from Uithof to Utrecht Centraal, then you opt for line 28 in the direction of Vleuterweide via Utrecht Centraal. If you want to go to the Uithof then choose line 28 in the direction of P+R De Uithof. Bus 28 then takes following route:

  1. Utrecht CS Jaarbeursplein
  2. Vredenburg
  3. Neude
  4. Janskerkhof
  5. Stadsschouwburg
  6. Oorsprongpark
  7. Rijnsweerd-Noord
  8. Rijnsweerd-Zuid
  9. Botanische Tuinen
  10. Heidelberglaan

Go to 9292 to take this route.

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