Facilities in Johanna

Laundry Room
In Johanna it is not possible to place a washer or dryer in your room or studio. Don’t worry, the building has its own laundry room! In the laundry room there are enough washing machines and dryers for the whole building.

The washing machines and dryers each have four programs where you can set the number of degrees or the degree in which the washing is dried.

You will have to pay 1 euro for every wash with coins of 50 eurocents. Because nowadays a lot of money is paid by debit card and not everyone has 50 euro cents, it is possible to change them in the building during Marcel’s surgery.

Office Hour Marcel
Marcel is the manager of this building. If you have any questions about the building or about your room, please visit Marcel during his consultation. The consultation hour is every Thursday from 16.30 to 17.30 at no. 29 (to the left of the lifts through the door).

Study Rooms
Johanna is built for students. The study areas at Uithof are scarce during examination periods. However, Johanna has a large study room for the laundry. Here you can study all day because all tables are equipped with many sockets. Some tables even have a wireless charging point for your mobile phone.

The Village
Unique to a student residence is having your own coffee bar. Johanna has it! While studying you can enjoy a cup of coffee with a nice piece of cake. You can also enjoy a refreshing drink from Fritz.
The Village Coffee and Music is open from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Please note that payment can only be made by debit card.

Johanna’s wheels
Because parking is paid everywhere on the Uithof, Johanna has its own shared cars from MyWheels. There are 2 petrol cars, one electric car and one electric van. These can also be recharged in the special parking spaces near the building.

To use a shared car you must, of course, have a driving licence and create an account with MyWheels. After this you can reserve one of the cars. It is even possible to open the door with your smartphone. Create your account now at www.mywheels.nl

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