Repairments and Complaints

Johanna is the newest student complex of SSH. It is often thought that everything always works. However, this is a misconception. The Dutch Home Owners Association states that the maintenance costs for the first two years of apartments built after 1990 amount to an average of € 2,222. After those 2 years they often use the rule of thumb that you have to spend 1 percent of the house value on maintenance costs.

Submit a Repair Request

If you have a repair request, please visit the SSH website and fill in the form. If there is a calamity such as fire, leakage from gas and water pipes or storm damage, please call the telephone number (088) 730 42 00. In the event of an emergency, this number can also be reached outside office hours and at weekends.

Both the SSH and tenants are responsible for some repairs to and small-scale maintenance of the (communal) living spaces. In the maintenance ABC you can read which repairs have to be picked up and paid for by whom: Maintenance_abc.pdf.

Office Hour

If you think that your request is not going fast enough or if you prefer personal contact, then you can honestly contact Marcel d’Hanis, the manager of our building. Every Wednesday he has an office hour between 16.30 and 17.30.  In that hour he has enough time to answer your questions. In addition, he knows which people are dealing with which matters, so he can refer you in the right way.


Are you not satisfied with the handling of your repair request or are you not satisfied with something else? Then complain to the SSH. You can do this by e-mail ( or by letter (PO Box 85042, 3508 AA Utrecht). This way, the SSH can properly register your complaint and forward it to the right department. You will receive a response by telephone or in writing within five working days.

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